Traineeships: Get a business advantage — Warehouse Training offers a great opportunity for employers to get their staff a nationally accredited qualification, which will increase productivity and help retain & motivate your organisation’s staff.


Engaging Warehouse Training Australia as a partner in your employee training programs adds a valuable, contemporary knowledge resource to your organisation. Through a range of services including education and training, workshops and short courses, your people will make better business decisions and give your organisation a greater competitive advantage.

Warehouse Operations courses are designed to give your warehouse staff all the skills they need to fulfil the tasks assigned to them in your warehouse environment.

Why partner with Warehouse Training Australia?

Because we are the best at what we do!

Our trainers have real industry experience and expertise. They are actively involved in the development of the training programs we deliver.

We will also work directly with you to develop a training program that is interactive and relevant to your business. The outcome will be the right solution for your business to maximise the training impact and employees with a nationally recognised qualification.

By supporting employees to up-skill, employers may also be eligible for Federal Government financial incentives. Individuals may be eligible for Commonwealth and Victorian Government funding.

Contact us to find out more about government incentives and eligibility criteria.

Currently working in the warehousing industry?

If you are an employee currently working in a warehousing environment and are interested in the opportunity to formalise your skills, please bring this exciting opportunity to your employer’s attention and get them to contact us directly on 1300 769 989 or email

Traineeships can be undertaken in any qualification listed below. For more details on what each course option entails, click on the different options below or contact us on 1300 769 989 or email