Certificate IV in Process Plant Technology (PMA40113)

This qualification is intended for technicians typically involved in solving complex problems which require theoretical knowledge, combined with an understanding of the production process and equipment across the plant. This is currently being offered to learners under traineeship arrangements.

Core Units:

  • MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • MSAPMOHS110A Follow emergency response procedures
  • MSAPMSUP100A Apply workplace procedures
  • MSAPMSUP102A Communicate in the workplace
  • MSAPMOHS200A Work safely

Elective Units:

  • MSAPMOPS401A Trial new process or product
  • MSS403002A Ensure process improvements are sustained
  • MSS403030A Improve cost factors in work practices
  • MSS403040A Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S
  • MSS403041A Facilitate breakthrough improvements
  • MSS403051A Mistake proof an operational process
  • MSAPMSUP300A Identify and implement opportunities to maximise production efficiencies
  • MSAPMSUP390A Use structured problem solving tools
  • MSS402002A Sustain process improvements
  • MSAPMSUP382A Provide coaching/mentoring in the workplace
  • MSAPMSUP210A Process and record information
  • MSAPMSUP303A Identify equipment faults
  • MSAPMOPS200A Operate equipment
  • MSS402080A Undertake root cause analysis
  • MSAPMSUP200A Achieve work outcomes
  • MSS402051A Apply quality standards
  • MSAPMSUP383A Facilitate a team
  • MSAPMSUP240A Undertake minor maintenance
  • MSAPMSUP291A Participate in continuous improvement
  • MSS402040A Apply 5S procedures
  • MSS402030A Apply cost factors to work practices

Entry Requirements:

  • Learners should have current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have been developed
  • Learners should have the ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Learners must undertake a Pre-Training Review to assess their suitability for the qualification, which includes a Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) assessment so that the appropriate academic support can be sourced throughout the course
  • Learners wishing to complete through a traineeship must be employed part-time or full-time